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Release Date : February 02, 2018, Director : Venky Kudumula, Producer : Usha Mulpuri, Technicians : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao (Editor), Sagar Mahati, Cast :Naga Shaurya, Rashmika
Reviewed By : Pavan MOVIE JOCKEY
Verdict - Chalo - Go and watch along with yours family and friends. Don't Miss it.

Chalo is a Youthful Entertainer film with Hilarious comedy punches. The film is well made with all commercial amenities. Naga Shourya well suited in 'Light Theesko' kind of role and his pair Rashmika Mandanna fit the bill. Newcomer Venky Kudumula fine-tuned the film with heart touching dialogues and hilarious comedy punches.

The film sets in Tirupuram, A small village divides into two parts. One part lies in Tamil Nadu and other one in Andhra Pradesh. Both side people kill each other for their Pride. How Hari (Naga Shourya) unite them all is rest of the story. 

Naga Shourya is perfect as Hari. His character, body language, timing and everything is perfect. His performance is natural. His comedy timing is perfect. More or less, He carried the whole film on his shoulders.

Rshmika Mandanna is beautiful as Karthika. Her character as Girl-Next-Door suits her body langague and chemsitry between the both the lead actors is perfect. 

Vennela Kishore and Sathya comedy will be laugh riot. Theater is full of laughs for the comedy dialogues and youth audiences will love those episodes to the core. Entire college and hostel scenes are hilarious.

If Naga Shourya is one of the biggest highlight in the film then Mahati Swara Sagar's (Mani Sharma's Son) music is another biggest highlight. 'Choosi Chudangane' song is major hit. The background score is in sync with mode of the film. Story is very fresh and dialogues are out standing. Screenplay is predictable but well-made. Production Values are high and lot of money was spent while shooting. Director  Venky Kudumula has delivered a perfect commercial laugh riot film.

First Half is complete laugh riot with college backdrop episodes. The Interval Bang will make you curious to watch 2nd Half. Second Half is also good but it is dragged. Vennela Kishore Comedy is biggest asset in the film. The Hostel scenes in 2nd Half and youthful dialogues will entertain youth audiences for sure.

Chalo is Romantic, Laugh Riot and commercially well-made film with fresh story line. It can be watched along with friends and families together. It will be hilarious entertainer film for both, Class and Mass audiences. Go and watch along with yours family and friends. Don't Miss it.

Reviewed By : Vijay MOVIE JOCKEY
Verdict - Chalo review : Youthful entertainer.

Starring : Naga shourya, Rashmika, Satya , Pradeep , Vennala Kishore, Achyuth Kumar

Director : Venky kudumula

Producer : Usha mulpuri

Music Director : Sagar Mahati

Art direction : Raam arasavalli

Naga Shourya who is the emerging hero from Tollywood. He is very famous for the films like 'Uhalu Gusagusalade', 'Dikkulu Chudaku Ramaiah', 'Lakshmi Rave Ma Intiki', 'Kalyana Vaibhogam', 'Jyo Achutananda'. And his latest film 'Chalo' has been released today in all over the world, under IRA creations banner. Trailer and teaser itself reveals the main plot of the film that it is rampaging between the two states, TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh. Venky kudumula is the director of this film, who is going to direct his debute and also he have experience of working with Trivikram. Kannada movie 'Kirik  Party' fame Rashmika Mandanna is playing as a heroine. Let's talk about the movie.

Story : 

From his childhood days onwards hari(Naga shourya) has been addicted to fights and loves to fight with each other and enjoyed himself when two people was engaged, his father Naresh choose to send away from them for his studies to Tiruppuram in Andhra Tamilnadu border, where rampaging regional factions more-happening area.

In the first day of the college, on the first look hari gets attracted to a local girl damsel karthika (Rashmika). After facing a lot of hurdles to impress her and at last they both fall in love with each other. Hari also understands that bringing both villages together would only source for marrying his heroine Karthika. What happened next and whether Hari succeeds in bringing villages together and also with his love or not ? This is the main theme of the story.

Analysis :

Venky kudumula has done a fantastic job, even though he chooses an routine commercial story he narrated it in a Interesting manner. When ever the movie seems to be going down then after a comedy track will be takes place in the film. But it looks like director runs the film more using comedy than the story. Naga shourya and Rashmika has done justice to their roles. Youth will easily connects to the hero hari's role. Especially in first half the love scenes will impress the lovers very much. Rashmika's performance is good though she is new for tollywood, she will get the huge fan following after this film. 

Other important roles such as Naresh (hero father's role) comedy timing at the starting of first half is very hilarious. Viva Harsha, satya done justice to their role. Vennela Kishore pshyco comedy is good and others has acted up to their standards. Production values are good, IRA creations is a Naga shourya's family production. More over it has lead by Usha mulpuri. She bankrolled this film in a rich manner. Visuals are pretty and used the technicians well. Sagar Mahati songs and background score added attraction for the film. Songs are looking very good and also picturizing is awesome. Kotagiri, Bikkina editing is good.

Plus points : 

* Naga shourya and Rashmika performance.

* First half

* Single line comedy punches in first half and some comedy scenes in second half.

* Sagar Mahati Music and Background score

* Love track of hero - heroine

* Visuals and also first half direction.

Minus points :

* Comedy will spoils the main theme of the story line 

* Climax drama is not up to the mark.

* Disappointed second half.

* Routine story.

* Lacks of emotion.

Verdict :

On a whole, the film is going to entertain all youth audience and family audience too. Perfect watch for comedy film lovers. Especially the film is so much better than the previous films of this year. More over we can call it as hit. Hence this film is a visual treat for love birds.

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