Samantha : I never expected to face so many difficulties in life

Samantha became a star with one movie. She became the dream girl of boys.  She  fell in love and married Naga Chaitanya. They broke up after four years. Later she fell ill (myositis) and suffered a lot. She recovered from it and made films. Currently she is on a break. Samantha recently chatted with fans. She shared the details of that chat and answers to questions through Instagram. She shared many interesting things in it. She answered the questions asked by the fans. She said that she will make an action film for fans. At the same time, she spoke inspiring words to the newcomers. She said that she never imagined that her life would be like this. 

Samantha gave a message to today’s youth and said that don’t feel like your life is over because of small things, your life has just started. It is said that there will be many difficulties and problems in the journey of life and they should be faced with courage. Samantha reveals that such difficulties and problems make us strong and make us stronger. Narrating her experiences on this occasion, she said that she never imagined that her life would turn out like this when she was 25 years old. Samantha said that she never expected to face such difficulties in life, no matter what happens, we should move forward with a positive mindset and think that everything is for our good. 

When the fan said that they wanted to watch an action movie, she said that Citadel  would have action, her role would be hot and funny, and she had done that role with a lot of challenges. 

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